For Muscles & Physique

Building a strong, lean and healthy physique takes more than just lifting weights. There’s a combination of art and science. It takes a special kind of training – an intelligent plan customized to your body, goals and lifestyle.


Shape a lean, muscular physique and transform your Body in just 12 weeks.

Each Personal Training session is 55 min. in duration.

The cost of investment: 

Buy the package you prefer, without risk:

Give a try to the first two workouts by paying only 30€/workout and when you are sure that the kind of exercises that we provide suits you, then you can choose the package of your preference. 

Where can you be trained:

You can choose one of the gyms that we cooperate in the area of Engomi (Nicosia). Both gyms have many fitness equipment for exercises such as resistance training and aerobic equipment, clean spaces, and parking spaces.
At your home:
In your own house, on the porch or at your gym, we provide all the necessary Fitness equipment to exercise you properly and effectively. With a low cost we can also help you to organize your space and turn a small room into a perfectly functional gym.
Outdoor training:
If you prefer to exercise in nature then this is the best choice for you. It does not matter in which level you are, with Functional Training we will help you to achieve your goals. Body-weight Exercises, with resistance bands, suspensions trainer (trx), dumbbells, floor exercises, with bars and medicine balls are some of what we use.


“Before i started Personal Training with Stelios i was training systematically for several years and i was pretty much in a level of physique and formation. This ten years with Stelios i managed to improve my physique even more, i learned to perform the exercises in a proper way and that led to the conclusion that the techniques is very important. At the same time, i improved my mobility, balance and flexibility which is very important because they helped me in my other sports activities, reducing injuries to a minimum. I strongly suggest to you to exercise with Stelios, even if you are in a good level of Fitness. He knows how to help you and how to inspire you so you can take the next step in which you may have some doubts for quite some time. He is a professional, with a lot of years of experience and he always updating his knowledge about new data in Fitness”