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Our service is highly personalized and individually tailored to your goals to deliver immediate and long-lasting results. Train 1-on-1 with passionate about helping you, highly experienced and Gold-standard ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Personal Training is exercise performed under the direct supervision and coaching one on one by a qualified Trainer. Upon meticulous analysis of the client’s data we design a personalized program which we execute one on one aiming at achieving the set targets under safe and efficient instruction.

While we also encourage, reinforce and motivate our client we focus on three important elements.

Achieving results in a specified and realistic time frame.

Educating the client in adopting new and improved lifestyle habits (nutrition, exercise, etc).

Avoiding injuries usually caused by improper form, or inappropriate choice of exercise.

It all starts with a simple decision today to become the best version of yourself. Join us today and start that journey to a better you.

Each Personal Training session is 55 min. in duration.

The cost of investment: 

Buy the package you prefer, without risk:

Give a try to the first two workouts by paying only 30€/workout and when you are sure that the kind of exercises that we provide suits you, then you can choose the package of your preference. 

Where can you be trained:


You can choose one of the gyms that we cooperate in the area of Engomi (Nicosia). Both gyms have many fitness equipment for exercises such as resistance training and aerobic equipment, clean spaces, and parking spaces.

At your home:

In your own house, on the porch or at your gym, we provide all the necessary Fitness equipment to exercise you properly and effectively. With a low cost we can also help you to organize your space and turn a small room into a perfectly functional gym.

Outdoor training:

If you prefer to exercise in nature then this is the best choice for you. It does not matter in which level you are, with Functional Training we will help you to achieve your goals. Body-weight Exercises, with resistance bands, suspensions trainer (trx), dumbbells, floor exercises, with bars and medicine balls are some of what we use.

The fitness industry is flush with hundreds of fit people saying because they are fit, they know how to get you fit, but without actually knowing how the body works. It’s even possible that the generic routines you might be printing off the internet might be the exact routines that are bringing you closer to injury rather than closer to your goals.

Resistance & Strength Training

Functional Training

TRX Workouts

HIIT Training

Boot Camp

Youth Training

5 & 10 Km Running Preparation

Post Rehabilitation

Corrective Exercise


Weight Loss

Pre/Post Natal Training

Balance Exercise

Sports Specific Training


“I have been doing personal training sessions with Stelios after each of my three pregnancies. Those have helped me maintain good health and contributed towards increasing my physical and mental well being. Furthermore, the training sessions (adjusted to personal needs) helped me return to pre-pregnancy body weight, improved my body shape and most importantly have increased my stamina, patience and discipline, valuable elements needed to cope with the everyday and increasing challenges of the growing family. All positive effects were cumulative and long term. I definitely recommend Stelios’s professional experience and knowledge to anybody who desires to maintain high levels of fitness, health and life quality”

΄΄I had personal Training by Stelios for about a year. During this time Stelios help me get back into physical training in a smooth way avoiding any injuries. Also any weak parts on the body were identified and the programme helped to strengthen them ! The standard of training was high and precise. Stelios is very consistent and accurate . Highly recommended΄΄

"I trained with Stelios for over 6 months. Over this time I saw a significant improvement in my physical energy, in my balance and it feels like I now have a much better control over my body. I would highly recommend Stelios as a fitness trainer, not only for his extensive knowledge but for his good judgment too, and for his ability to adapt the exercise program according to each individual case. My own feedback was encouraged and seemed to be especially important to him, while I found communication to be easy and was always met with a positive attitude. Our training did not go without some humor and ‘philosophy’, making it a most pleasant experience"

"I have started personal training with Stelios in early 2013, after my 1st pregnancy, with the primary objective to lose the excess weight and tone my muscles. I have soon realized that not only I have achieved my primary goals but I have earned much more than that:"

Mental health: Physical exercise has proved to have a strong and positive effect on my mental wellbeing. Working long hours and raising a family in parallel is a challenging task. Personal training has helped me release the stress, rest my mind and enjoy time for myself.

Motivation: Seeing results and most importantly feeling physically and mentally healthy, are my incentives to continue exercise and the reasons I have established long-term exercising habits! Stelio, thank you! I would definitely recommend Stelio’s personal training services. Stelios is a highly experienced coach with a rich academic background who aims to capitalise on both physical and mental health. He is inspiring and motivating. Personal training is now part of my life and I consider it as an investment to myself with long-term valuable benefits.

Personal Training Excellence since 2000