Where can you be trained:

You can choose one of the gyms that we cooperate in the area of Engomi (Nicosia). Both gyms have many fitness equipment for exercises such as resistance training and aerobic equipment, clean spaces, and parking spaces.
At your home:
In your own house, on the porch or at your gym, we provide all the necessary Fitness equipment to exercise you properly and effectively. With a low cost we can also help you to organize your space and turn a small room into a perfectly functional gym.
Outdoor training:
If you prefer to exercise in nature then this is the best choice for you. It does not matter in which level you are, with Functional Training we will help you to achieve your goals. Body-weight Exercises, with resistance bands, suspensions trainer (trx), dumbbells, floor exercises, with bars and medicine balls are some of what we use.
The exercise for rehabilitation is adjusted according to your needs and injury and its purpose is to help you through the transition from physical therapy to your everyday activities and regular exercise. The purpose of these exercises is not to replace physiotherapy, but on the contrary, is to be the missing link between physiotherapy and your reintegration to your everyday activities.

Through strengthening, improvement of your mobility, flexibility, stability, and the improvement of the control that you bring to your body will help you to improve the quality in your life, reducing the pain and reducing in a great measure the possibility of the recurrence of the injury. In other words, the possibility that the injury might come back.

The exercises with resistance band, body-weight exercises, Bosu, suspensions trainer (trx), dumbbells, resistance training machines and pulleys are some tools of Fitness that we use to accomplish some of your goals.

With more than 21 years of experience and thousands of successful scenarios, we can help you achieve any goal you have in mind, either that goal is to return to your normal life and activities without pain and with integrated mobility, either to return to your sport and its demands (e.g.  tennis, marathon participation). 

Buy the package you prefer, without risk:

Give a try to the first two workouts by paying only 30€/workout and when you are sure that the kind of exercises that we provide suits you, then you can choose the package of your preference. 


"I trained with Stelios for over 6 months. Over this time I saw a significant improvement in my physical energy, in my balance and it feels like I now have a much better control over my body. I would highly recommend Stelios as a fitness trainer, not only for his extensive knowledge but for his good judgment too, and for his ability to adapt the exercise program according to each individual case. My own feedback was encouraged and seemed to be especially important to him, while I found communication to be easy and was always met with a positive attitude. Our training did not go without some humor and ‘philosophy’, making it a most pleasant experience"

"Following 2 pregnancies I have realized I suffered from diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles). While such a problem may be dealt with surgical operation, Stelios has managed to gradually reduce and eventually cure my diastasis recti by adopting customized exercises which strengthened the core while avoiding exercises which would exacerbate the problem. I am very happy to say that with patience and consistent targeted exercises, I have recovered without the need of surgical intervention.

Calcific tendonitis: Under Stelio’s guidance and support I have also recovered from shoulder calcific tendonitis. Calcific tendonitis is associated with intense shoulder pain, stiffness and sleep disruption. While all doctors were advising surgical operation, my shoulder gradually strengthened and re-gained its motion after a conservative and targeted exercise program for the upper body in combination with physiotherapy.

Stelios is a highly experienced coach with a rich academic background who aims to capitalise on both physical and mental health. He is inspiring and motivating. Personal training is now part of my life and I consider it as an investment to myself with long-term valuable benefits."