Georgia Karri

“I have started personal training with Stelios in early 2013, after my 1st pregnancy, with the primary objective to lose the excess weight and tone my muscles. I have soon realized that not only I have achieved my primary goals but I have earned much more than that:

Mental health: Physical exercise has proved to have a strong and positive effect on my mental wellbeing. Working long hours and raising a family in parallel is a challenging task. Personal training has helped me release the stress, rest my mind and enjoy time for myself.

Motivation: Seeing results and most importantly feeling physically and mentally healthy, are my incentives to continue exercise and the reasons I have established long-term exercising habits! Stelio, thank you! I would definitely recommend Stelio’s personal training services. Stelios is a highly experienced coach with a rich academic background who aims to capitalise on both physical and mental health. He is inspiring and motivating. Personal training is now part of my life and I consider it as an investment to myself with long-term valuable benefits.”