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“This is the 9th year of Bootcamp training for me. It has helped me to maintain a robust training schedule that Stelios customizes to my individual needs, helping me keep fit and rehabilitate from past injuries. Training outdoors in small groups in a friendly and informal atmosphere and the frequent program rotation keeps things interesting […]

Ioanna Vasiliou

“Since March of 2020 (due to Covid-19) in my attempt of finding a way to continue to exercising, i started to exercise online. With some basic Fitness tools, such as weights, rubber, cushion, and suspension trainer we were able to keep the exercise intensity in very good levels and at the same time we were […]

Aris Pipis

“Before i started Personal Training with Stelios i was training systematically for several years and i was pretty much in a level of physique and formation. This ten years with Stelios i managed to improve my physique even more, i learned to perform the exercises in a proper way and that led to the conclusion […]

Olympia Dukakis

“I trained with Stelios for over 6 months. Over this time I saw a significant improvement in my physical energy, in my balance and it feels like I now have a much better control over my body.  I would highly recommend Stelios as a fitness trainer, not only for his extensive knowledge but for his […]

Katerina Kari

I have been doing personal training sessions with Stelios after each of my three pregnancies. Those have helped me maintain good health and contributed towards increasing my physical and mental well being. Furthermore, the training sessions (adjusted to personal needs) helped me return to pre-pregnancy body weight, improved my body shape and most importantly have […]

Antonis Kakoullis

“I had personal Training by Stelios for about a year. During this time Stelios help me get back into physical training in a smooth way avoiding any injuries. Also any weak parts on the body were identified and the programme helped to strengthen them ! The standard of training was high and precise. Stelios is […]

Georgia Karri

“I have started personal training with Stelios in early 2013, after my 1st pregnancy, with the primary objective to lose the excess weight and tone my muscles. I have soon realized that not only I have achieved my primary goals but I have earned much more than that: Mental health: Physical exercise has proved to […]

Takis Kastoris

“Since 2018 i managed to include exercise in me life style. I reduced my Body-weight to 8 Kg, my strength and my energy have increased (i walk daily almost 10-12 kilometers), i have no injuries and I feel like I am a different person. On top of that my blood tests are probably the best […]